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Visualizing the Cosmos as it is

We must understand the Cosmos as it is and not confuse how it is with how we wish it to be.

Carl Sagan

Exploring the cosmos

For thousands of years we’ve wondered if we could find others Earth-like planets among the stars.

Discovering alien worlds

If there are all these billions of exoplanets in the universe that are capable of supporting life, and millions of intelligent species out there, then where are they?

Enrico Fermi Paradox

Space Colonization

The human race must colonize space within the next two centuries or it will become extinct.

Stephen Hawking

Easily navigation

Navigate and perform the way you expect, there are no secrets, surprises, or learning curves.

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    It's never been so easy to create your own spaceshots on your phone. Use it like wallpapers too.

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    Upload your spaceshots to your favorite social network and share it with family, friends, fans and followers.

  • Take your spaceshots with you everywhere.

    Your spaceshots optimized and delivered everywhere.

Scientific Data sources

The collection includes space data from national and international organizations, research institutes and universities.

NSSDC: National Space Science Data Center.

NEA: NASA Exoplanet Archive.

ADS: Astrophysics Data System.

CDS: Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg.

PHL: Planetary Habitability Laboratory.

MPC: Minor Planet Center.

IAU: International Astronomical Union.

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