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"If a civilization based around one of the 1000 nearest stars, transmits laser signals between them, some 2000 light years away, humans can measure it, and KOSMO will notify you."

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Real time events

Visualize, explore and discover what is happening on Earth and in Outer Space

"Actually commercial space companies designs, manufactures and launches rockets with loaded spacecraft on board, frequently year after year."

Rocket launches - Tech event

"A group of companies are building a global communications system that will enable affordable broadband internet access around the world."

Satellite Internet - Commercial event

"A private company, is working in detecting near hazard asteroids and protecting Earth from asteroid collisions."

Asteroid collision - Natural event

"Asteroid mining companies are detecting and identifying the most commercially viable near-Earth asteroids rich with natural resources."

Asteroid mining - Commercial event

"A private commercial space company offers the first expandable space habitat that has potential as a destination for space tourism and a craft for missions destined for the Moon and Mars."

Space colonization - Tech event

"A private space companies will offers a travel to the edge between Earth and space, to experience the overview of Earth and weightlessness."

Space tourism - Commercial event

"A research and education virtual laboratory is dedicated to studies of the habitability of Earth, the Solar System, and Exoplanets."

Studies of Exoplanets - Sci event

"Research organizations are exploring the confines of the visible universe, with Earth and space based telescopes, to find possible habitable and Earth-like planets."

Finding EARTH II - Sci event.

"Research institutes with Earth based telescopes, are observing the depths of our galaxy, to search and detect Alien civilization signals."

Search for Alien civilizations - Sci event

Events notifications

You will be notified to experience the natural, scientific, technological and commercial events that happens on Earth and in Outer Space

"X-rays and ultraviolet light from solar flares ionize the Earth’s atmosphere, which blocks radio signals from communication satellites."

Dr. Orion - KOSMO-tech Adviser, Astrophysicists

"At 90% of speed of light, for every hour of time on a spaceship, two would pass on Earth and at 99% of speed of light, for every day of time on a spaceship, a year would pass on Earth."

Dra. Alnilam - KOSMO-tech Adviser, Astronomer

"In Outer Space, a spaceship cannot travel faster than the speed of light, and that happens to be 300 000 kilometres per second."

Mr. Holo - KOSMO-tech Adviser, Supercomputer

Events data

The data comes from national and international organizations, research institutes and universities around the world

We have curated a broad range of scientific and technical data, and put it in a form directly suitable on KOSMO.

Calculations and data used on kosmo, are based on relativistic physics of Einstein and Newton's classical mechanics, we use actual science and the standard model.

Scientific data - Data sources